The Holocaust Has Never Ended

from by To Ashes



born in the wrong side of the earth.
guilty to be considered an inferior species.
piled in a train, destination unknown,
torn from their land by greedy invaders.

lagers built far from public opinion.
noone can hear. noone can see.
executioners masked by human beings.
atrocities justified by superiority.

why they don't see we're crying?
why they don't see that we're scared?
why only they can see one difference...
that's not there?

walls covered by innocent blood.
screams of victims fills the air.
someone is picked up and carried away.
eyes that search for a refuge that's not there.

as demons they rule that hell with violence.
dehumanized. desensitized.
no mercy. no compassion. no feelings.
they decide who lives. they decide who dies.

all we want is to live our life.
all we want is to see the light, again.
we're only at beginning of our lives.
is this our end?

why they don't care we're dying?
why this suffering? what's our blame?
why they don't see what we are?
we are...all...the same.

we're not the number
we have on the skin.
we're living.
we're sentient beings.

dragged in this hell
away from home, away from freedom.
we feel the death, standing in line,
waiting our turn to die.


from Liberation Through Destruction, released December 31, 2014



all rights reserved


To Ashes Bologna, Italy

Vegan Straight Edge for Total Liberation.

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