Blood Stained Uniform

from by To Ashes



another killed by the authority,
nothing new on the screen.
a massacre. out of sight. on the streets.
a continuously updated list.

victim of violence, abuses, repression.
beaten to death by cops.
crimes hide behind the silence
the uniform covers their blood.

one mother that cries on tv
for the death of her son.
the relatives look for a justice
that it will never come.

corrupted witnesses, falsified investigations.
cases drowned in a sea of lies.
the facts are so clear but nobody seems to care about it.
from the government not even apologies.

stolen shots of that battered corpse
have shocked the public opinion.
in this police state
do you still feel safe?

how many more people have to die?
how much blood will drip from your hands, again?
how many more graves you want to fill?
how many more families will cry for them?


from Liberation Through Destruction, released December 31, 2014



all rights reserved


To Ashes Bologna, Italy

Vegan Straight Edge for Total Liberation.

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